I have Come into this world for the sake of My devotees, those who are Mine. My devotees are all those who surrender into heart-Communion with Me and (ultimately, Most Perfectly) Realize Me. Therefore, any one who comes to Me in order to Realize the Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition (That Is Real God, and Truth, and Reality), and who persists in surrendering into heart-Communion with Me, is My Own.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Personal Stories

Avatar Adi Da Samraj - pictureEach of us has had the altogether overwhelming good fortune of finding Avatar Adi Da in a thoroughly unique, graceful, transforming and unexpected way, which led to our becoming His devotee. We wish you the same profound opportunity.

We have seen the mysterious means He uses to Instruct and Bless individuals and the world. And we know of no better way of telling you about this than in our own words.

How Total Satisfaction Found Me
A highly educated veteran of the black liberation movement, this devotee spent years as a spiritual seeker, trying to discover how he could live a fulfilled life. Read his insightful recounting of how he finally found God in the Person of Adi Da Samraj, and came to understand that Adi Da was the Spiritual Master he had been looking for since he was a small boy, and Reality Itself.  How Total Satisfaction Found Me

Sunday Afternoon
This from a longtime successful Christian minister who read Avatar Adi Da's books for years, applying what he learned to his work in the church. We learn that all his life experiences, religious and mundane, both high and low, finally coalesced, and led to his leaving the ministry and becoming Avatar Adi Da's devotee.  Sunday Afternoon

He Is Here
After years of searching and practicing world religions, this devotee discovered Adi Da Samraj when he heard a radio broadcast-interview which featured some of Adi Da's early devotees. The profound and beautiful relationship that ensued continues to this day.  He Is Here

The Sound of One Hand Laughing
Avatar Adi Da has described the various stage of development we go through in our lives with Great Compassion, and also with Great Humor. In fact, like many sages and wise men, the often obvious Twinkle In His Eye and His Spontaneous Humor are Signs that He Is A Totally Free Being. One devotee found Avatar Adi Da's Humor the very thing that attracted him in the first place.  The Sound of One Hand Laughing

Death of a Fascination
After years of searching and experimentation in the Hindu tradition, joining a religious order and finding his life still wanting, this devotee discovered Avatar Adi Da and the solution to his lifelong quest for Happiness and Self-Realization.  Death of a Fascination

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