There is a State of Being that is completely, unequivocally, permanently, infinitely Happy and Free—a State that cannot be lost under any conditions, in this world or after death. Such a State is not just imaginary. It is the underlying Truth of existence. In various times and places, great saints and sages have tasted this Happiness to some degree. But now this Truth, this Joy, has perfectly emerged in the world for the first time, and has become the actual possibility of all human beings.
—An Introduction by the devotees of
Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1996)

Greeting from the Adidam New York Mission Manager

Greeting from the Adidam New York Mission ManagerAfter years of searching and practicing both Eastern and Western religious traditions, I discovered the Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj through a Lex Hixon broadcast-interview with devotees of Adi Da on WBAI Radio here in New York in 1974. I purchased Adi Da's books, The Knee of Listening, and The Method of the Siddhas, began to read His Wisdom-Teachings, and to my delight found in them the most complete answer imaginable to all my heart's questions about life, spirituality and death, and everything in between.

For the next 5 years, I corresponded with the Adidam Community headquartered in California, and attended every program that I could, and every study group and film offered here in New York. Then in 1979, I was invited to attend a spiritual celebration of Adi Da's birthday in California, where I would get to see Him for the first time.

Please read my full first-hand account of that event in the Personal Stories section of this website, and the host of other unique, wonderful stories by members of the Adidam New York Community and others, each one a testament to the personal relationship Avatar Adi Da offers every one of His devotees. Suffice it to say here that a life of devotion was inspired by the Transmission of Radiant Love, Light and Bliss that Avatar Adi Da Blessed me with in His Company during that trip. And ever since, as long as I have been surrendered in the same fashion, or have gotten myself out of the way enough to receive His Transmission, His Gifts have never ceased.

In New York and throughout the world, a new way of life is possible. Adidam is a new World-Religion based on our devotional relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj, which is unique in western society, where guru devotion is something that is often misunderstood. On His behalf, and on behalf of His New York Community of devotees, I heartily invite you to learn more about and participate in this greatest of all possible relationships. We hope you will correspond with us, attend our sacred arts events, seminars and classes, attend retreats at our sanctuaries and spend time in our company, or in the company of the community closest to where you live and discover the truth of this for yourself.

We are a vibrant and growing group, dedicated to making Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching available to everyone in the wild and great city of New York, and true spiritual community possible throughout the world. For reasons beyond all knowing, each of us has been privileged beyond measure. We have found ourselves in Avatar Adi Da's company, have listened to what He Has to Say, received the Gift of Relationship that He Offers, and have become practitioners of the Way of Adidam.

As mission manager in this city, I encourage you to give yourself this same gift, the opportunity of a relationship with the Great Avataric Sage Adi Da Samraj. Through that Relationship, we are offered the opportunity to actually Realize the Divine, now, in our lifetime, for real, beyond our day-to-day distractions and suffering.

Through Ruchira Avatara Bhakti, the Yoga Avatar Adi Da Teaches, people find themselves open to possibilities and incredible depth that they could never have imagined were possible otherwise.

What you will find we've said throughout this website is that God is here in our midst in the Person of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the long-awaited One that the world's religions have prophesized for centuries. We do not ask you to take our word for this and neither does Avatar Adi Da Samraj. We want to share this joyous knowledge with you. We leave it to you to decide what you will do now that we have told you what we know. We will gladly assist you in every way that we can.

He is here! And He is Radiant with the Gifts of Real God. I have no doubt of that. May everyone find this Grace without equal in their lives.

Dennis Coccaro
Outreach Manager